About Ngudi Raras

Bp. Wakidi Dwidjomartono

Wakidi Dwidjomartono is the foremost living drummer of Javanese classical music and one of the most respected musicians in Central Java. He hails from Jagalan, Surakarta. Having an extensive background across many sectors of performance practice, he began his career as a dance drummer, then becoming the drummer at Sriwedari Wayang Orang Theater during its golden era in the 1970s. In the 1980s and 1990s he was a highly sought-after drummer for shadow puppet plays and has now settled into performing concert music (klenèngan). He was the drummer for the Kridha Irama series of commercial recordings. Wakidi has been a visiting artist at Tufts University and serves as artistic advisor and drummer for Pujangga Laras, a group of Javanese master musicians.

Ibu Mulyani Soepono

Mulyani is a senior pesindhèn (vocalist) for traditional Javanese music. She appears on numerous commercial recordings and is a leader pesindhèn of the musical ensemble of the Kraton Kasunanan, the leading royal court in Surakarta, Central Java. Mulyani has been a member of Pujangga Laras from its inception and is known for her sweet vocal timbre and her masterful grasp of the classical repertory.

Bp. Darsono Hadiraharjo

Darsono Hadiraharjo is a leading musician of the younger generation in Central Java and is especially known for his rebab and gendèr playing. He regularly performs in shadow plays, dance performances, and klenèngan. Darsono hails from one of the great musical families still thriving today. He studied music with his family, at the Institut Seni Indonesia music conservatory in Solo, where he now often teaches, and at the Mangkunegaran palace where he frequently plays rebab for radio broadcasts and official performances. Darsono has previously been as a visiting artist at Wesleyan University and is currently serving as visiting artist at Bates College and Tufts University this academic year.

Bp. Paimin

Paimin grew up in a musical family near Surakarta, and is an accomplished rebab and gendèr player. He appears on many commercial recordings and played as a member of the resident ensemble of the radio station based in Solo (RRI). Paimin currently leads a gamelan group in Purwadadi, Java and is a regular member of Pujangga Laras, a monthly gathering of master musicians performing classical Javanese music. He also plays in Ki Anom Suroto's wayang troupe.

Bp. Sularno Martowiyono

Sularno comes from a musical family near from Surakarta. He is a long time members of the musical ensemble of the Mangkunegaran palace, one of the royal courts of Surakarta, and has previously been a musician in the other court in Solo, the Kraton Kasunanan. He plays regularly with Pujangga Laras, a monthly gathering of master musicians keeping alive the Javanese concert music tradition. He also performs as part of Ki Anom Suroto's wayang troupe, one of the most sought after shadow puppet groups in Java.

Bp. Sri Mulyana

Mulyono is a highly sought-after singer who performs with some of the leading gamelan groups in Java. He currently serves as the lead male vocalist in Ki Purbo Asmoro's wayang troupe. He is known for his strong singing voice, imbuing the music with a robust energy. Mulyono and Darsono are brothers from the same musical family, known for their lively musical performances and strong sense of rasa (musical feeling) .

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